Hi, I'm Si

I'm Si Hammond, a freelance data scientist / full-stack web developer / business-problem-solving type, based in London.

Feel free to check out my tweetings, musings and career choices – or have a play with some interactive data visualisation projects I can share:

Data Analytics Ecosystem: Hg Capital

The Data Analytics & Insight unit at Hg strives to empower its potfolio companies with the latest tools. Whilst the vast arry of options can be dazzling, this expandable view makes exploration of the ecosystem intuitive and appealing. read more

Skills Heat: DHI Data Science

The landscape of tech job skills is shifting at a dizzying rate. This tool uses data from the Dice job site to show which skills are heating up from demand outstripping supply - and which are going the other way... read more

6 Months On: Refugee Rights Europe

Stick figures can show more information in a more engaging way than piecharts and percentages. Something I did for the Refugee Rights Data Project (now Refugee Rights Europe) to enhance their report on the situation for refugees in Calais. read more